Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello Sweden!

After two days of traveling, a bus, a plane, a train, a ferry, and another train, I have made it to my family in Sweden.  Getting here was fairly easy, all things considered.  The airport in Dublin is worth visiting if you ever get the chance.  They had free samples of Bailey's Irish Cream and whiskey.  I liked Bailey's new hazlenut flavor.  When I landed at the airport in Copenhagen, the signs were in English as well as Danish.  Any time during my journey, especially after getting out of English-signed areas, I got well and truely confused or lost, I would stop someone and ask them for help.  All of the people I impinged upon were friendly and helpful, always pointing me in the right direction.  What surprised me the most was that everyone I stopped spoke English.  After a fair bit of bubling about, I did manage to make it to the rendezvoux with my cousin.

It is fabulous!  I'm getting to know the youngest generation and reacquainting myself with my cousin that I haven't seen for almost 10 years.  Later today, we are going to visit her parents and on Friday we will meet up with her sister and her family.  I am so glad I came and I am looking forward to catching up with the family.

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