Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moving On

As a continuance of last night's retraction, I would like to state that I deeply regret any harm I have done to my hosts here.  I posted a story I had heard second or third hand that was untrue and posted numerous other misunderstandings.  As a result, I have been asked to leave.

One of the things I regret most is that, as my host stated, I didn't ask questions.  Not only did I not ask them of him, I stopped asking them in my head.  I became distracted by the little things and forgot why I decided to come here in the first place.  This place is unique.  In all of the places in all of the world, I chose to come here.  I wanted to learn about this place that is bringing a different style of horsemanship to Ireland.  I wanted to know why and how my host became involved in something so uncommon here.  I wanted to know what he was doing to further western horsemanship.  Instead I forgot why I came and wrote stupid things on the internet.  I hope that someday he may forgive me.

But I still learned.  I learned a lesson that I'm sure they teach every burgeoning journalist the first time they set pen to paper.  First, double check all facts.  Second, use only first person accounts.  I also learned something about different cultures.  I do not regret my time there.  I do not regret learning these lessons.  I deeply regret any harm that I may have unintentionally caused to the people who gave me the opportunity to come see this incredible country.

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